Warrior Swagger Pro Senior Goalie Stick [White/Red]

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Ice Hockey Gear Level: The Warrior Swagger Pro Goal Stick is a high level foam core stick, suitable for all levels.

Warrior Swagger Pro Goal Stick is one of the best foam core sticks available.  The foam construction is fused with inserts and offers excellent shot dampening and durability.

The Swagger PRO is the flagship of Warrior’s foam core goalie stick lineup.  With optimal puck feel, balanced weight, and consistent durability, the Swagger Pro is a top choice for NHL goalies who use foam core sticks.  The paddle contains a thick urethane RIM core.  This combination provides a stiff flex when passing and superb durability against high impact shots.

The Swagger PRO also uses ABS plastic inserts.  Warrior fuses these inserts into the foam and places them in the blade and paddle for optimal durability.  Importantly, the inserts don’t add excessive weight or create an undesirable balance to the stick.   Warrior employs a handle that includes a combination of birch and aspen with fiberglass laminate on both the front and back.  This laminate is lightweight, durable and it is designed to withstand impact without restricting performance.  This stick is manufactured to the hightest standards and made exclusively in Finland.